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Psychology & Organization

People are the most valuable asset of an innovative Company. Then empower and make everybody row!

Engineering and R&D

Engineering and R&D is the operational tool to implement and run innovation, overcoming challenges and turning bright ideas into new technologies and products.

Quality & Six Sigma

Start from (hard) quality and applied statistics to Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Control and ... Innovate...


ICT is the backbone of modern business, being crucial and transversal across all processes of the company and business affecting virtually anybody in the value chain.


Safety, Quality, Environment and Innovation. Rely on synergy to do more, comply with societal demands and engage in sustainable progress.

3D cell culture plates/discs (by NANOFABER)

  • optimized substrate for rare diseases
  • made of biocompatible polimers
  • delivered in 1/2 inch disc to fit in standard culture plates
  • made on demand, ship worldwide

biomedical grade polycaprolactone (PCL) certified for in-vitro applications

  • provided in small batches (100g and above)
  • certified
  • average 50.000 MW
  • suitable for: 3D printing, electrospinning
  • inquire for quotations