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About Brexma

Brexma is a start-up company devoted to innovation and R&D. In a world as interconnected and technological as today, innovation is not a matter of product and engineering but the successful combination of advanced technical tools and a cultural attitude embracing change and diversity as core values. The potential to innovate and compete in a market relies ultimately on the Human Capital, on the individuals, but is measured primarily by the Organization and managing style of a company. A bad Organization is ultimately unable to innovate consistently. Besides pursuing innovation directly, We also work with customers to build a comprehensive approach towards innovation and productivity to unleash their potential, also through the recourse to open network and Six Sigma approaches. We partner in innovation!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to innovative directly, while offering a suite of services and products to our customers to help them create innovation and job opportunities. Assisting society and customers with skills, thrust, loyalty, and commitment is our main objective. The promise to our customers is to provide the highest possible quality and impact at the right price, especially for the sake of making innovation sustainable through a lean open network approach, under the auspices of our authoritative international "advisory board".

Why Choose Us

Simple: we deliver. We partner in innovation with customers to create innovation-oriented organizations and processes. We "know how" and can serve even as general contractor to develop custom solutions through a network of distinguished professionals from industry and academia. Any innovative dimension is virtually covered, from organizational change (e.g. counseling, mentoring, tutoring, knowledge management, work-related stress management, fund raising, strategic view and roadmap, recruiting, marketing, networking, etc.) to research and technical implementation (e.g. product development and process control via applied statistics and six-sigma, materials/components/systems testing and certification, ICT, R&D, project management, teamwork, auditing, etc.)

Advisory board

Nicola Benedetti

Electrical Engineer, Technology Advisor, HSE Manager, Lead Auditor (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), certified provider for RSPP and safety (Italian D.Lgs. 81/2008, L.Q. 447/1995 DPR 151/2011)

Miguel Correa Duarte

PhD. Professor of Chemistry at University of Vigo, Spain; research focus: colloids and smart nanomaterials.

Gloria Guillot

Work and systemic physicologist; researcher on stress evaluation, coaching and mentoring. Organizational innovation, project management, market analysis.

Antonio Rinaldi

PhD. Scientist at ENEA and Adjunct Professor at MEMOCS Center of University of L’Aquila; research focus: innovative materials and nanotechnologies, certified expert in Six-Sigma and applied statisticts.

Veronica Salguerino-Maceira

PhD. . Lead scientist in Applied Phisics, University of Vigo, Spain; research focus: magnetic nanobiomaterials.