• Stand on the shoulders of the giants and confront the continued challenge of innovation and R&D from the high and solid ground of project and quality management aided by applied statistics . rely on the DMAIC approach of six-sigma to get ahead of innovation and competition, yet be open to mix and match all the tools and strategies from the broader bag of tricks of "quality" and psychology.

  • Adopt an open-minded management style based on data driven decisions and effective teamwork to leverage individual brilliance and diverse experiences for problem solving and R&D.

  • Monitor your key processes and promptly catch things spinning out of control.

  • Build a confident and comfortable working attitude through a commitment to safety and integrity.


An invention is a technical achievement but innovation is the successful combination of advanced engineering tools, know-how, and a cultural attitude, embracing change, diversity, and open network as core values. The potential to innovate consistently and compete in a market stems from a grand view but is ultimately measured by managing style and data driven approach. We deliver and partner in innovation.


Psychology & Organization

People are the most valuable asset of an innovative Company. Then empower and make everybody row!

Engineering and R&D

Engineering and R&D is the operational tool to implement and run innovation, overcoming challenges and turning bright ideas into new technologies and products.

Quality & Six Sigma

Start from (hard) quality and applied statistics to Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Control and ... Innovate


ICT is the backbone of modern business, being crucial and transversal across all processes of the company and business affecting virtually anybody in the value chain.


Safety, Quality, Environment and Innovation. Rely on synergy to do more, comply with societal demands and engage in sustainable progress.



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Inviting applicants for proposal in horizon 2020 - apply through us.

April 2014

New research talks with Univ. of Vigo in Spain for novel nanobiomaterials.

March 2014

BREXMA co-sponsors the ENEA-Assoinge event " Energy Sector trends, challenges and innovation – an opportunity for cross industries synergy” BOLOGNA 13th and 14th March 2014


"Brexma: best in class when it is about connecting people and transform their concept or idea in reality. They have the right insight to understand the market and the experience in dealing with the layout of your organization as well as internal and external stakeholders management, in a way that eases your business start-up. Whether you need to apply the latest science expertise for your product, whether you truely need investing or innovate in you human capital Brexma is a choice of excellence."
Dr. Ing. FP - President of Assoinge (no-profit engineering network) and Portfolio Lead at Shell)